Family Preservation & Domestic Violence

We know that having a stable home environment and a supportive family can prevent youth from becoming homeless. Through our Family Preservation Program, Jovenes is able to work with families that are referred to us from the Department of Children and Family Services and who are at-risk of being seperated due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect of the children. Through in-home visits and counseling, these families are able to take corrective steps and create a safe environment for children in order to stay together.

Domestic Violence has a devastaing effect on families and youth. We've seen that many of the youth who come to Jovenes experienced or witnessed abuse when they were growing up. Empowering survivors of domestic violence to take action, and educating youth about healthy relationships is a crucial task.

The Jovenes Domestic Violence workshop is a 25 week curriculum. Many participants are mandated by court to attend, and Jovenes offers one of the very few free classes of this kind. The curriculum educates participants on personal topics such as what abuse is, how to deal with life events, processing grief, and how abuse affects children. Participants also learn how to file a police report, obtain restraining orders, file for divorce, and prepare for their court hearing. 

One of the unique aspects of our program is that it is co-ed. Men are both perpetrators, and sometimes victims of domestic violence. We’ve seen that when they hear firsthand, from their partners and the other participants, about how domestic violence affects women and children, these men are able to make real and lasting changes. It’s an innovative model that is proving to be successful.