From the Fringes Policy Report

To help create greater understanding of the youth we serve, Jovenes is releasing a policy & systems change report called From the Fringes- Understanding Homeless Transition Age Youth (ages 18-25) in Inner City Los Angeles.

This report highlights four key challenges that homeless youth often face:

1. Barriers to safe, supportive, and affordable housing

2. Challenges accessing basic benefits and healthcare

3. Educational advancement and economic development

4. Overcoming trauma and emotional illiteracy

In the report, we also highlight key subgroups among the youth homeless population, including LGBTQ youth, youth involved in “systems,” youth leaving gangs, and undocumented youth. Jovenes is proposing a series of policy and systems changes that will improve their outcomes and opportunities for a healthy and safe life. As the only organization in our area that works specifically with homeless transition age youth, Jovenes is committed to ensuring that their stories and challeges are heard, and affirming that their lives have value.

Download a copy of From the Fringes