Invisible to Invincible

Labeling homeless people as "invisible" is an emerging trend. What is missing is the recognition of the resiliency they possess, the dreams they have, and the fact that they can be invincible.

From Invisible to Invincible (Trailer) from Jovenes, Inc. on Vimeo.

About the Campaign

There are three main objectives for the Invisible to Invincible Campaign:

  1. Political/Community change regarding the four challenges identified in our research & policy report
  2. Increasing awareness & support for homeless youth within our community and neighbors
  3. Personal transformation for program participants.

As Jovenes continues to expand our housing capacity, we also seek to identify and address policies and systems that push youth into homelessness or which contribute to the challenges they face as they seek to move their lives forward.

Our youth recently made a documentary entitled “From Invisible to Invincible” which tells powerful stories of how they became homeless and highlights their resilience. The Invisible to Invincible Campaign will utilize this film, along with our research and policy report, to educate our community and empower our youth to create change. Currently, Jovenes is offering three types of internships within this campaign:

  1. Invisible to Invincible Interns: raise awareness of youth homelessness in our Los Angeles, and advocate for potential solutions. In addition, interns will work with Jovenes staff to develop and coordinate new tools and activities to assist our clients and youth in our community overcome their personal cycles of homelessness and access the necessary resources for a better future. These interns also lead presentations and screenings of the Jovenes documentary. 

  2. Peer Healthcare Ambassadors: Obtaining health coverage is a priority for homeless youth, but navigating the healthcare system presents a constant challenge. Through partnerships with agencies that specialize in healthcare enrollment, Jovenes is able to create internship opportunities where our youth become trained in healthcare promotion and conduct youth focused outreach and education activities to help other youth receive the care they need. 

  3. Social Media Ambassadors: Create content through blogs, Facebook, and Twitter to create awareness for the Invisible to Invincible Campaign and the challenges faced by homeless youth. 

Learn more and share with the hashtag #invisible2invincible!

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Read the Report

Understand the Challenges

  1. Barriers to safe, supportive, and affordable housing
  2. Challenges accessing basic benefits and healthcare
  3. Educational advancement and economic development
  4. Overcoming trauma and emotional illiteracy

Implement the Solutions

Create Permanent Supportive Housing designated for Transition Age Youth.
Expand Access and Enrollment in Healthcare & Basic Benefits
Implement Positive Youth Development that includes mentorship, scholarships, internships, and jobs.
Be patient & nurturing. Provide the time and safety needed for growth and independence.

What YOU Can Do!

Share this campaign with your friends and colleagues using the hashtags #JOVENES and #invisible2invincible
Schedule a presentation of the documentary and campaign at your school, organization, or business.
Sign up to be a speaker at our breakfast series, become a mentor, or create an internship for youth from Jovenes!
Make a Financial Investment in our Organization & Youth!

About the documentary

From Invisible to Invincible is an opportunity to see how homelessness impacts youth and to learn more about the state of youth homelessness in LA. On any given night, over 4,800 youth are homeless in LA, and the number has grown over the last two years.

From Invisible to Invincible is an example of how arts, internships, and leadership development can impact youths’ short and long-term goals. As Jovenes continues to develop permanent supportive housing that complements short-term shelters, the agency employs best practices that help youth get off the streets and into a home of their own.

All of the artwork in this film was created by the youth storytellers- THE INVINCIBLES!

Scenes from the Documentary

About the Filmmakers

Jovenes is so grateful for Amanda Rodriguez & Edgar H. Alvarez, a very well-known international producer from Colombia. He currently produces commercials for Discovery Channel and companies alike. Lots of his art work, photography and short films illustrate the issues of social justice and homelessness in our society. Some of his work could be found at and