Our Solutions

Jovenes welcomes homeless, at-risk youth (18-25) and gives them a chance to create a path to personal growth and success. We provide stable housing and other community-based services that create opportunities for them to lead productive lives.

Jovenes' Continuum of Care includes:

At all levels of housing, our youth are able to recieve individualized supportive services and access a variety of programming which includes:

  • Individualized Case Management - provides youth with the support and guidance they need to create and implement their plans to become self-sufficient.
  • Employment and Job-Readiness Counseling- employment specialist helps youth find and access jobs, prepares them to enter the world of work and maintain employment.
  • Life Skills Training - Includes financial literacy, housing readiness, creation of savings accounts, leadership development, and access to existing services and benefits for which our clients are eligible.
  • Street Soccer Los Angeles - Jovenes operates the Los Angeles chapter of Street Soccer USA- a growing international movement that uses soccer as a tool to combat homelessness. Each year, we take our team of homeless youth to compete in the Street Soccer USA Cup in San Francisco.
  • Leadership Development - Creating art presents our youth with an opportunity to come to terms and heal from the hardships they have faced. Jovenes is developing the advocacy and story-telling capacity of our youth through workshops in drawing/painting, poetry, digital storytelling, theater, and their involvement in the creation of a policy report highlighting the challenges and opportunities for TAY.
  • Mental Health Services - Through partnerships with mental health providers, Jovenes is able to link our residents with individual and group counseling. This collaboration has helped increase the speed at which youth are able to apply for public housing and benefits while providing much needed support to youth who have experienced trauma.