Additional Programs

At Jovenes, Inc., we understand that housing is just one piece of the puzzle. Homeless youth experience an absence of family, which makes a strong network of personal support and care all the more necessary. Our housing programs help homeless youth become independent adults by surrounding them with supportive services and resources to enhance the effectiveness of providing food and shelter. Our continuum seeks to instill a quality of life that these youth have previously been lacking - one that helps them find jobs, further their education, develop positive relationships, and increase their self-belief. At all levels of housing, our Continuum of Care services include:

  • Employment and Job-Readiness Counseling - employment specialists helps youth find and access jobs, preparing them to enter the world of work and maintain employment.
  • Family Preservation - helping families referred by the Department of Children and Family Services who are at-risk of being separated due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment, including offering domestic violence prevention classes
  • Outreach - seeking out homeless or at-risk youth in the Boyle Heights community, providing food and information about available services, including the programs at Jovenes
  • Street Soccer LAJovenes operates the Los Angeles chapter of Street Soccer USA- a growing international movement that uses soccer as a tool to combat homelessness. Each year, we take our team of homeless youth to compete in the Street Soccer USA Cup in San Francisco. 
  • Arts Workshops and Education - Creating art presents our youth with an opportunity to come to terms with and heal from the hardships they have faced. Jovenes partners with volunteers and other organizations to provide workshops in drawing/painting, poetry, digital storytelling, and theater. Check out our Stories and Statistics page for information on past events, such as Roads We Walk - an installation and performance put on in conjunction with the Pasadena Art Center College for Design.
  • Individualized Case Management - provides youth with the support and guidance they need to create and implement their plans to become self-sufficient.
  • Life Skills Training - Includes financial literacy, housing preparation, creation of savings accounts, leadership development, and access to existing services and benefits for which our clients are eligible.