Permanent Housing

We know permanent housing is the solution to end homelessness so we continue to create new housing opportunities for our youth.

My Home - Mi Casa

Jovenes’ platform of quality, efficient, low-cost housing continues to grow with the help of our partners and friends.  We build and renovate housing in our community, helping to invigorate our neighborhoods create sustainable housing options for the homeless.

‘My Home - Mi Casa’ is a partnership between Jovenes, Inc. and Genesis LA. Through this 100% privately financed initiative, we are purchasing houses in the communities of Boyle Heights and East Los Angeles and converting them into permanent affordable housing for homeless youth and families. Once housed, residents are surrounded with the support and financial resources that can ensure their personal success over the long-term. Youth live in these properties at affordable rents while continuing to build their savings, complete schooling, and remain employed.  In keeping with our desire to empower our youth, a unique financial structure will allow residents to gain an equity interest in the property in which they live. 

Progress Place Apartments

The Progress Place Apartments offer 14 units of Permanent Supportive Housing to homeless youth with mental disabilities. Opened in 2012, these apartments provide youth with a safe and stable environment where they are supported through their challenges, learn habits of independent living, and plan for the rest of their lives.

Transition to My Place

“Transition To My Place” is a new way of placing youth into permanent housing and allowing them to build their independence over time. Through this initiative, Jovenes will generally be able to pay 100% of youth’s rent for the first three months that they live in their new apartment, and the youth will gradually start to pay a portion of the rent, increasing each month until they can cover the full cost of the unit. Jovenes tailors the amount of subsidies based on income and other considerations (such as educational expenses) to allow youth to stabilize in permanent housing and create a sustainable financial situation. This rental assistance can be used for youth moving into one of the units Jovenes currently owns, or their own market rate apartment. Each tenant will continue receiving individualized supportive services, such as case management, life skills/financial literacy training, employment counseling, and transportation assistance, while having access to case management and other activities the agency offers.